Quadrant provide expert engineering knowledge and products to undertake complex visual system updates to Flight Simulators of all generations.

The installation of the current state of the art LCoS and LED projector systems is achieved by means of the Quadrant Mounting Kit solution. This solution provides a standard mounting and fine adjustment for the new projector on an existing visual platform. The kit is then included in a wider mechanical design incorporating a new packaging solution for the new projector system.

The Host integration is achieved via Quadrant NUQLEUS providing an interface to a range of different IG systems retaining a common visual simulation and suite of training tools. The unit is offered as standard with an instructor control panel which provides access to a comprehensive set of visual features and enables a more fully integrated visual system update to be accomplished with a shorter Flight Simulator  downtime than would be achievable using traditional update methods.

Flight Simulator Updates

Quadrant has a team of engineers that can implement updates on any Flight Simulator from any era.