Aircraft Avionics equipment are regularly updated and changed throughout the life of an aircraft. The Flight Simulator must retain commonality with these changes in order to be relevant as a training tool.

Quadrant have undertaken numerous Avionics update programmes to Flight Simulators including:

  • FMS
  • TCAS
  • EFIS
  • Weather Radar

These updates have been performed in isolation or as part of an integrated update programme involving two or more other systems.

In all cases the updates involve integration of a new or replacement system within the existing Flight Simulator infrastructure. This can be the Aircraft LRU, as would be the case for a HUD or FMS, or a simulation package such as TCAS or Weather Radar.

All Avionics updates comprise three distinct phases:

  • In House Design
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Site Integration

During the in house design phases, Quadrant engineers will produce an engineering design covering all aspects of the update including, software and electrical integration as well as mechanical packaging of the systems being incorporated into the Flight Simulator.

These designs are then implemented on site with the Flight Simulator. Wherever possible Quadrant will aim to integrate the systems in a limited downtime around the Fligt Simulator’s training schedule.

Flight Simulator Updates

Quadrant has a team of engineers that can implement updates on any Flight Simulator from any era. 

Quadrant Flight Simulation Solutions