Quadrant NUQLEUS™

Quadrant NUQLEUS provides an innovative approach to interfacing new equipment with existing host computer systems.

Reducing Flight Simulator downtime required to perform Flight Simulator updates and increasing productivity is the advantage of using NUQLEUS.  The NUQLEUS solution provides ease of integration for additional or replacement systems including Visual Systems, UPRT, TCAS, I/O and interfacing to multiple devices on any Flight Simulator.


Each unit receives a data feed from an existing host computer and adapting that data into a format compatible with the new equipment being integrated on a Flight Simulator or other legacy device.

Utilising proven software designs, NUQLEUS enables the integration of new equipment at a lower cost and with less Flight Simulator downtime than traditional methodologies.

  • Minimal interference with existing software
  • Reduced cost of system updates
  • Reduced project schedule & downtime
  • Maintenance free hardware & software
  • Supports multiple new systems integration via a single Ethernet connection with the host computer
  • Small form factor & easy to install in a 19″ rack, computer cabinet or on a desktop


An optional NUQLEUS Control Panel (NCP) provides instant access to new system features (such as visual system controls in the case of an Image Generator Integration).  NUQLEUS Controls are published via a web page interface.

  • Support on any tablet device or web browser enabled device
  • Standard Simulator IOS software & controls
  • Maintenance free hardware & software
  • Can be used to provide control of all new system features as a replacement
  • Can be used to provide control of all enhanced new system features that are not supported by the existing IOS

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Quadrant has developed a cost effective suite of proprietary technology products, aimed at keeping Flight Simulators up-to-date and in line with aircraft configurations and current regulations.

Quadrant NUQLEUS

Prior to being delivered to site, the NUQLEUS and NCP are configured with the relevant pre-developed & tested software modules for the given integration task. Using these proven software designs Quadrant can provide efficient & repeatable system integrations whilst mitigating the risks normally associated with traditional integration tasks.

NUQLEUS has been installed on numerous OEM’s Flight Simulators providing the host interface for new Visual System Image Generators and Avionics updates under EASA CS-FSTD(A) and FAA Part 60 standards.