Quadrant has completed numerous Visual System updates which have included provision of the Host/Visual software integration and display interface hardware on a variety of Full Flight Simulators around the World.

The major tasks associated with these projects involved the following:

  • Design Projector Layouts (Calligraphic, LCoS & LED displays)
  • Design & Manufacture of Simulator specific support structures
  • Design & Manufacture of Projector specific adjustable mounting frames (WIDE & Non-WIDE)
  • Design & Manufacture of Light Exclusion kits
  • Removal of legacy visual systems & installation of the replacement Image Generators, Projectors and associated equipment
  • Visual system installation, commissioning & testing support
  • Approval Authority Certification support

All Products

Quadrant has developed a cost effective suite of proprietary technology products, aimed at keeping Flight Simulators up-to-date and in line with aircraft configurations and current regulations.

Quadrant has designed, manufactured and installed Visual System hardware to replace a number of legacy systems including, SP1, SP3T, SPX 250/500/550, ESIG, Image II, Image IV, Vital IV, Vital VII, Vital VIII and MaxVue systems configured with WIDE & Non-WIDE optics respectively.

The Quadrant designed mounting kits are configured for use with various projector models including JVC VS2000/2100/2200/2400 LCoS projectors, Sony Bravia VW60/GH10 LCoS projectors, Christie SIM Matrix & WQ LED projectors & the Barco FL range of Lamp & LED projectors.

The mounting kits have been installed as first fits on new build L-3, CAE, FSI, Sim-Industries & Opinicus Full Flight & Fixed Base Simulators as well as legacy simulators undergoing mid-life updates.

Quadrant’s Visual System mounting kits include wedge mounting frames for use on WIDE optics systems which provide adjustments in the height, heading, pitch, roll & focus axes. Quadrant have also designed, manufactured & installed WAC window projector monitor replacement unit mounting kits & WAC window to WIDE 180/200 HFOV structural mounting kits.