The Quadrant PC Instructor Operating Station system is a cost effective way to update existing Flight Simulator’s instruction facilities and provides an intuitive interface to the Flight Simulator.

Quadrant has considerable experience of replacing existing IOS systems and the PC IOS system has been proven on Flight Simulator Update programmes to devices produced by different manufacturers.

The PC IOS system provides full capability for the Instructor to plan, initiate and control training sessions and to monitor the trainee pilot’s performance. It also allows control and selection of Flight Simulator Maintenance facilities.

The Instructor Portable Control Unit functionality is available using an iPad or other tablet device to provide access to all IOS controls wireless, allowing the instructors flexibility to position themselves close to the students without impacting on the control of the training scenario.

The QSSL Lesson Plan system, with powerful offline lesson editing facilities, is offered as an option to the baseline PC IOS system.

Particular attention is paid to the simplicity and clarity of IOS page layouts and the ease of navigation through pages. These features combine to provide a powerful and comprehensive Instructor control capability in a simple and intuitive manner, thus maximizing the training effectiveness.

The style and layout of the PC IOS, especially the availability of Direct Action Keys on every page, provides total control without the need for auxiliary hardware control panels when replacing older IOS systems.

The PC IOS system incorporates a Ground Station Database (GSD) system, replacing the existing Host based GSD system, this is used to supply Radio Aid data to both the Flight Simulator and the IOS Map system. This reduces Host processing time as the responsibility for database searching for tuned Radio stations is moved into the IOS system. GSD area coverage is tailored to meet the Customer Training requirements but can be world wide if required.

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Quadrant has developed a cost effective suite of proprietary technology products, aimed at keeping Flight Simulators up-to-date and in line with aircraft configurations and current regulations.